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This bath bomb recipe is super simple to make, making it a perfect activity to do with kids or whip up as a lovely thoughtful gift for a loved one.

You can fancy these up with dried flowers or sprinkles or even a hidden toy surprise inside. Coloring them with food colorings or natural food powders is an awesome way to take them to that next level too!

Whilst we all think of bath bombs as that generic ball shape you dont have to limit yourself to that. If you have a moon cake press you can make all sorts of fancy patterns and shapes, but if not a simple ice mould can make sweet smaller bombs. Basically if you can press the mixture into the mould firmly and have a way to push it out without causing damage then you can use it to make bath bombs! Even silicone cupcake moulds will work!

No matter how you choose to jazz them up, or if you leave them plain, everyone loves hoping in a nice warm bath and placing that fizzing ball into the water with them! Young or old you’re onto a winner.

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Simple Bath Bombs

Simple Bath Bombs

Yield: 4-5 medium balls
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

A simple Bath Bomb recipe you can use as is or add your own creative flair



    1. Add all the dry ingredients to a large bowl and combine well.
    2. Add essential oils to carrier oil then mix into dry ingredients
    3. Spritz mixture with alcohol while constantly mixing with a whisk until mixture clumps
      together and holds it shape when squeezed in your hand
    4. Shape your bath bombs using your chosen mould. You can use the traditional
      spherical bath bomb moulds or cupcake, ice-block or chocolate moulds.
      Mooncake Presses are another option for shaping bath bombs and they turn
      out lovely!
    5. Allow your bath bombs to dry in a dry place for 24hrs. If you are
      in a humid area you can try placing them in a warmed 50C oven,
      turn oven off and leave for a an hour or two


If you want to add some colour to your bombs you can add food colouring or colourful natural food powders

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