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A DIY multi-purpose cleaning spray recipe is a must in any low-tox household, but what recipe should you use if you have a stone benchtop?. Vinegar is not recommended for stone benchtops. This is because vinegar is acidic and can etch the surface and dull the finish over time.

To get around this issue I have spent some time researching the DIY options for stone benchtops. Many variations of this recipe can be found on the internet, so I can’t really call it an original Blooming Mandala recipe, but I was actually really blown away by how well it worked! With just 3 ingredients if you count water it’s nice and simple too. Just how we like it.

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Vinegar Free All-Purpose Cleaner

Vinegar Free All-Purpose Cleaner

Yield: 500ml
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

Make your own homemade vinegar free all-Purpose cleaner that is safe to use on stone benchtops



  1. If using essential oils combine them with the castile soap to aid dispersion and then add to a spray bottle
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and shake well


  • Castile soap is a surfactant and is able to safely disperse essential oils in water. However, such a small amount can only disperse a certain amount of essential oils before it is "saturated" If this occurs you will find some essential oil still floating on the surface don't stress, just shake before use to redistribute the oils.
  • When making homemade DIY recipes storage time depends is dependant on the potential for bacterial growth. For long-term storage use distilled water or boiled and then cooled water to limit the possibility of bacteria growth. If tap water is used the final product is suitable for temporary storage (1-2 weeks) only.

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