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This DIY toilet cleaning gel is nice and thick and sticks to the bowl just like the commercial versions but without the toxic ingredients. It is perfect for those that like to get a cleaner right up under then rim which just can’t be done easily when using other DIY toilet cleaners like our fizzy DIY toilet cleaner tablets.

The main ingredient in this DY toilet cleaning gel is citric acid. The final product is approximately 20% citric acid solution, giving this gel wicked cleaning power. And, whilst I do think that the fizzing toilet bombs work, as there is no base (like bicarb) in this recipe to neutralise the citric acid all the acid is available to make help make your toilet bowl sparkle.


DIY Toilet Cleaning Gel

What You Need

100g Citric Acid
400ml Boiling Water
1 tsp Xanthan Gum
1 tsp Vegetable Glycerine (Optional)
30-40 Drops Essential Oil (Optional)
1 drop food coluring (Optional)
Squeezy sauce bottle or empty clean toilet cleaner bottle

What To Do

  1. Mix xanthan gum and glycerine together if using
  2. Mix boiling water and citric acid together until citric acid is completely dissolved
  3. Add xanthan gum and colouring if using and whisk/shake until well incorporated
  4. Leave to cool and fully thicken for a few hours before using

How To Use

  1. Squirt Gel into toilet bowl and spread around using toilet brush
  2. Leave for 5-10 mins
  3. Scrub with toilet brush and flush


  • Glycerine is used to help wet the xanthan gum to assist with dissolving but is optional. Just allow more time for the xanthan gum to fully absorb water and shake/whisk periodically until all dissolved if you don’t have any glycerine.
  • Some great essential oils to give a fresh scent to your gel are lemon and peppermint but choose whichever oils take your fancy
  • You can recycle empty commercial toilet cleaner bottles so you have the bendy neck to get the gel right up under the rim. The very end of the bottles can be removed to allow you to clean out the bottle and to fill with your DIY gel.
  • I found a sauce bottle in kmart to use for my DIY loo gel. Whilst not perfect it does allow me to get the gel up under the rim somewhat.
  • The food colouring is totally not necessary but did help me demonstrate the thickness of the gel in the images and is helpful in showing spots you have missed during use.

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