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The awareness of the need to reduce synthetic fragrance exposure is increasing in our community (If your not sure why you should avoid them check out this post). But where do you start? It’s True this is a massive task as toxic fragrances are in so many products around your home. But if you approach it bit by bit the task becomes more manageable and less daunting. Remember, as with all change, it is a process.

1 Stop Using Air Fresheners

This is a no brainer and includes scented candles, wax melts and reed diffusers. Try essential oils in a diffuser instead if you like your house to smell yummy. Or simply open up the doors and windows to let in the fresh air. This includes getting rid of the smelly tree in the car.

2 Shop Smarter

You can go in gung Ho and throw out everything that lists “fragrance” or “parfum” in their ingredients in products you find around your home or you can wait until you have finished what you have and take a closer look next time you purchase a product that may contain these toxic fragrances (or other nasties).  Or better yet, get your DIY on and have a go at making your own.  Blooming Mandala has recipes, ingredients and containers for the low-tox DIYer.

3 DIY it

One way to be entirely sure that a product doesn’t contain any nasty’s is to make your own. For example, multi-purpose sprays, hand/body wash, body scrubs and toilet cleaners are really easy to make with easily purchased ingredients. Our DIY page is a great place to start looking at what products you can easily make yourself.

4 Switch Your Smell

Swap you perfume and deodorant for natural ones. But BEWARE, you will need to read the ingredients, as much of what is marketed as “natural” actually isn’t. You want to look for fragrances made from essential oils. Steer clear of anything that just lists “fragrance”. (This is a hard one. I have been on this journey for two years now and I still miss my perfumes. I have kept a few that I am using only on special occasions until they run out.)

Another great swap for perfume is essentials oils.  Make sure you great quality ones to ensure there are no nasty chemical residues or diluting carrier oils.  If you want to find out which oils we choose to use reach out to us and we will happily share with you.

If you are sensitive to oils you can put them straight on your skin.  But if are sensitive or want the smell to really last you can’t go past diffusing jewellery.  It really does make the fragrance last longer.  How long the smell lasts depends on the specific volatiles contained in the oils you use as some evaporate faster than others and as a consequence, the smell fades faster.  Check out our shop if you’re interested in getting your hands on some really cute diffusing jewellery made by some lovely mums in Rockingham, WA.

Removing toxic fragrances from your environment is not an easy task, and to totally remove them is probably almost impossible. However if you start with these 4 Easy Tips to Reduce Synthetic Fragrance Exposure you will make a great start on limiting their impact on your body, and your families.

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