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Making your own natural homemade cleaning paste is a cinch, saves you money and replaces toxin ridden products out of your home. There are so many uses around the home for this soft scrub style cleaning paste that is really can replace quite a few of the cleaning products you used to buy.

Where can I use this cleaning paste?

This paste if perfect for so many uses around the home. In the kitchen and bathroom this paste really is a stand out. Here are just some of the ways you can use this natural homemade cleaning paste:

  • In the Kitchen – sink, bench-tops, stovetop, microwave, range-hood, fridge, remove stains from mugs and oven.
  • In the bathroom – sinks, tapware, tiles, grout, toilet, glass shower screens
  • In the laundry – stain remover
  • Around the home – clean walls, remove scuff marks, polishing stainless steel

Cream of Tartar – to add or not

Most of you will be familiar with cream of tartar in cooking, but did you know it is also a great cleaner?

A by-product of the winemaking process, cream of tartar can be added to this DIY cleaning paste to give it that little bit extra. It is completely optional, but from testing I found it provided a slightly superior shine on stainless steel when compared to a cleaning paste made with just baking soda.

If you do use it be mindful that you will need to wait to seal the cleaning paste up for storage. When the bicarb and cream of tartar come into contact with water (in this castile soap or dish liquid) they react, creating carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide produced results in the paste expanding. You need to wait for this process to finish prior to packaging the paste, usually around a few hours.

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Natural Homemade Cleaning Paste

Yield: ~250ml
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours 5 minutes

Get your sinks, tubs and stainless steel appliances sparkling with this homemade cream cleanser



  1. Weigh all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well until a smooth paste is formed
  2. If you are using the cream of tartar you will notice that the mix starts growing as it sits. Cover and leave the paste in the bowl for a few hours until it stops expanding before transferring to a jar for storage.


    • You can give this paste an extra boost by spraying with vinegar once it is has been rubbed onto the surface to be cleaned. The fizzing action can help dissolve gunk and soap scum, making them easier to wipe away
    • Cream of tartar reacts with the baking soda (in the presence of water) to produce carbon dioxide gas which is what causes the expansion of the paste
    • The cream of tartar is optional but after comparing the cleaning results of pastes with and without, I think that the version with the cream of tartar results in a better shine of stainless steel items like sinks.
    • Both versions clean very well, so if you can't be bothered waiting for the reaction to finished just go with the bicarb only version.

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