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I want to start out disclosing that this DIY Shower Gel recipe is so simple it can hardly even be called a recipe. I also want to point out that I haven’t come up with this method on my own, it is something that is easily found on online on forums and manufacturers websites, however for reason in the groups and circles I am part of, no one does it. It’s crazy I can’t work out why.

So it’s time to let you in on the magic ingredient that magically transforms watery castile soap into thick, shower gel………..*insert drum roll*…….Salt. Plain old table salt quickly and easily turns castile soap into a gel, that’s it, crazy hey?!

If you have a husband like mine who hates foaming soap because he feels it doesn’t clean him good enough, then this DIY shower gel recipe will be your new favourite! The castile soap can be diluted somewhat if desired, but even if you do there is a much higher castile soap to water ratio, meaning it is super soapy. It even gets up a really nice lather is you use one of those shower poofy things.

This recipe is more of a how to guide. There are no exact amounts as it all depends on how you would like to make it. You can also dilute the castile soap but bear in mind that in doing this you are adding water, which bacteria love and will affect the shelf life. Make sure you use only distilled water or cooled boiled, filtered water to keep introduced bacteria to a minimum. Diluted batches are better suited to high use areas, like the shower, while undiluted batches are great keeping in areas where it would be used less such as the laundry or guest bathrooms. But hey that’s just a suggestion, do whatever you are happy with.

When making this recipe it is important to add any essential oils you would like to the castile soap prior to starting the thickening process. Different oil react differently with castile soap, some make castile soap thinner whilst others may thicken it. So be sure to add them first so you end up with the with a gel consistency/thickness you like.


DIY Shower Gel

Yield: 500ml
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Make your own homemade, natural DIY shower gel. This chemical-free body wash uses castile liquid soap and essential oils and is so simple and easy to make it can hardly be called a recipe.


  • 3 tsp fine salt
  • 1/4 cup boiling water
  • 500ml Organic Castile Soap
  • 60-80 drops Essential oil (optional)
  • Distilled/cooled boiled water (optional)



    1. Dissolve salt in boiling water and allow to cool
    2. Add essential oils to castile soap and mix well
    3. If you would like to dilute the Castile add distilled water at this stage. Both 1:1 and 1:2 ratios (castile: water) have worked well in during recipe testing.
    4. Using a dropper start adding the saltwater solution to the castile soap, stirring gently as you go. Keep adding saltwater until you get the desired thickness. Depending on the oils used, dilution rate, amount making and your desired thickness you will use anywhere from a few mls to a few tablespoons. But be careful you don’t make it too thick or it won’t go through a lotion pump. If this happens you should be able to rescue it by adding some distilled water until it is thin enough to pump
    5. Once it reached the desired thickness transfer to a pump bottle using a funnel.


  • The gel may go a bit opaque and bubbly during mixing, especially if you are a vigorous stirrer, but these will disappear once the gel is left to sit for 12-24 hours.
  • If you don’t dilute the castile soap with water you may find it can occasionally block up the pump. Somewhat annoying but no drama, just soak the pump top for a few minutes in hot water and rinse out the blockage.
  • I find it easiest to make sure it will pump before transferring to the pump bottle

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