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Honey and lemon must be one of the most commonly known old skool remedies for cough’s, cold and flus. Olive oil however not so common. Enter my Honey & olive oil cough syrup. Well it’s not really mine……it’s my Nanna’s but I don’t think shell mind me sharing.

We’ve finally made it to spring, but we aren’t out of the woods yet for those horrible cold and flu bugs. ¬†When the dreaded cold or flu hits western medicine believes there generally isn’t much you can do. Especially if your avoiding standard over the counter pharmaceutical drugs (which are just no good for you by the way). However there are a number of foods and herbs that can provide relief and even reduce the duration of the bug.

My eldest was home from school today and inspired this post. She had been coughing up all over the place every 5 seconds. Sending her lovely contagious bugs everywhere! Yuck. Gotta love sick kids. I ran through my usual suspects but nothing seemed to be helping this time. I’m thinking, CRAP! better get used to the fact she’s gonna cough in my face all night. Yay, just yay. But then I remember about this bad boy and to my relief it has helped. Not an instant fix, much to my disappointment, I’m not usually that unrealistic but there is just something about constant coughing that drives me F****ING INSANE. I mean I love my kids and really want to comfort them and help them feel better, but seriously do you have to cough?!?! In my face?!?!!? constantly?!?! arghhhhhhhhh.

Anyway so I quickly headed to the kitchen to whip up some of this. Luckily it’s super quick and easy, like most of my favourite recipes. Chuck it all in a jar and shake the shit out of it, and viola ready to chug.

The honey in the mix soothes the throat, and if you have some good quality raw stuff it has the added benefit of being antibacterial and anti inflammatory, the darker in colour the honey the higher the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies now show that honey alone can be an effective cough suppressant. The lemon juice helps cuts through congestion and is reported to decrease the strength of the coldand flu virus in the body and reduce phlegm. If you have access to a juicer, juice the whole lemon, skin and all as the rind has even more beneficial properties than the juice. The olive coats and soothes the throat reducing that dreaded “tickle” and even helping full blown coughs.

Honey Lemon & Olive Oil Cough & Cold Remedy

Honey, Lemon & Olive Oil Cough and Cold Remedy


1/4 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup good quality extra virgin olive oil (one you like the tase of)

1/4 cup / 90g raw honey

What to Do

  1. Measure all ingredients into a glass jar
  2. Shake the hell out of it until it is well combined.
  3. adjust to taste. see notes

To Use

Kids: 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp as needed

Adults: 2-3 tablespoons.

Can be drank cold but I like to warm slightly before sipping slowly. (be careful not to overheat so as not to destroy the beneficial properties of the ingredients)


  1. My daughter likes more honey, up to 140g. however I find this way too sweet and prefer to keep some of the tang from the lemon.
  2. If you your throat is really hurting you could up the olive oil to provide even more of a coating
  3. If your into essential oil and have some excellent quality ones on hand that are approved for consumption go ahead and add some to boost the power of this remedy.

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