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This armpit ‘Pit’ detox Paste only requires two ingredients and is super simple and inexpensive. Premade pit detox pastes are available online and in some health food stores however this version works just as well for me and my family.

If you want to know more about why you would want to detox your pits read our blog post here.

Super Simple Pit Detox Paste

What you’ll need

1 tbls Bentonite Clay

1-2 tbls Apple Cider Vinegar

What to do

Mix the clay and vinegar together, adding the vinegar gradually until it forms a thick paste, about the texture of toothpaste. To get the full benefit from the bentonite clay its best it doesn’t come into contact with anything metallic, so keep this in mind when choosing your bowl and utensil. It can require some decent mixing, as it has a tendency to clump, just be careful it doesn’t splash into your eye… eyes don’t love vinegar… trust me on this one hehe!

How to use

Apply the paste to your armpits and leave for 5-10 minutes before washing off. I find its easiest to wash off in the shower, however can be done with a wet cloth if need be. Whilst the paste is on you may find as it dries it flakes a bit and can be a little messy. I apply mine just before getting in the shower and use the time to shave my legs or gather up my clothes to put on after the shower. I have even been known to walk around the house with the paste on.

When to use

When using this paste to transition to natural deodorants its advisable to use this and nothing else for a week or more. This will help expel the toxins and build up from the mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants helping to reduce the transition period.

I find using this paste about once a month helps keep my pits fresh. If I have been eating poorly or been unwell sometimes I will need to do it more often. I listen (or smell) what my body is telling me and adjust my routine as required. I refuse to let my son use main stream deodorants so I get him to do a pit detox using this paste every so often, to keep that teenage boy smell at bay.

If you want to make extra I find it does last for a week or two in a jar, however if you find it has dried out a little add extra vinegar. Our 60ml jar fits the extra amounts I make, however the size required will depend on how much extra you wish to make.

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