Sustainability is one of our core values and embedded in all aspects of Blooming Mandala

Blooming Mandala is committed to providing sustainable products and packaging wherever possible.  We are dedicated to walking the walk in everything we do.  It is our hope that as we grow we are able to implement even more sustainable practices to ensure Blooming Mandala is regarded as a sustainable business and our products are sought out by those committed to protecting the planet.


Blooming Mandala products, blogs and recipes have been developed to help our community learn how to become more sustainable themselves and being lowtox they also help to protect not only you and your family but the planet.  Keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment and reducing waste is just a small fraction of the positive change possible by joining the clean living movement.


We are proud to have the following sustainability initiatives currently implemented

  • We support a local business that diverts unused cardboard packing boxes from landfill/recycling.  We purchase these boxes to ship all orders rather than buying new
  • Occasionally you may receive real bubble wrap, foam “noodles” or plastic air bag padding.  When you do receive this you can be sure it has been reused, rather than just placed in landfill.  Unfortunately we do receive goods that have had these items used for shipping and we believe the longer the life these items can be given the better.
  • We use eco-friendly corrugated paper “bubble wrap” to protect products during transport and recycled padding items or newspaper as void fillers.
  • We sell our smaller volume oils in reusable glass bottles, complete with  pump tops.
  • Where possible we use compostable “I  am eco” packaging for our raw ingredients.  These bags have a brown paper outer and a bioplastic inner and are 100% compostable once the tin tie is removed.  The bioplastic is polylactic acid (PLA) which is produced from corn or dextrose.  Some raw ingredients however are sensitive to moisture, or just cant be packaged in these eco bags.  In these instances we still need to use plastic ziplock bags to ensure a quality product reaches you, however we are investigating alternatives.
  • We seek out quality products that have a long life and allow our customers to replace many products sold in single use plastic packaging


As part of our commitment to sustainability we are continually looking for ways to improve as we grow as a business and a community and have a number of new initiatives we are exploring for implementation in the future, such as:

  • All reusable glass/fabric/home compostable packaging to replace PET bottles and Plastic Ziplock bags
  • Paper packaging tape
  • Using recycled materials for promotional and branding materials


For any questions or to make suggestions on ho we can improve our sustainability practices, please contact us at:

Email: hello@bloomingmandala.com.au

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