What's the Deal with Toxins

How do you know what's safe?

Just because a product is allowed to be sold in Australia does not mean that all the ingredients it contains are safe

Manufacturers don't need to prove the safety of the ingredients in their products to be able to sell them. Heck, for some products (like cleaning products) they don’t even need to disclose the ingredients at all!!

Science is only now beginning to understand the impact all these different chemicals are having on our health, that of our children, our pets and our natural environment

Chemicals wreak havoc with our bodies. They have been linked to a multitude of negative health effects such as....

Endocrine disruption - including infertility and obesity
Birth Defects
Skin Conditions - including eczema & dermatitis
Respiratory - including Asthma
Damage to male reproductive system
Immune system dysfunction
Type 2 diabetes
Low IQ
Neurodevelopment issues
Behavioural issues
Autism spectrum disorders
Early puberty
and the list goes on and on.......

The health effects of toxic chemicals are just plain scary! What's even scarier is that kids are at higher risk than adults.

Kids and babies have a higher ratio of body surface area to volume than adults and they frequently put objects and their body parts in their mouths. This means they can have greater exposure to these chemicals than us. Plus the immaturity of their body systems, can result in longer half-lives of toxic contaminants in their body.

So not only are babies and young kids at greater risk of exposure to toxins but once exposed these toxins remain in their system longer.

But there is good news....it's not all doom & gloom

We have the power to protect our family by taking control of the products we use

If all the toxins you need to dodge is not bad enough, you also need to be on guard for Greenwashing. Brands try to trick you with words like "eco-friendly", "organic" & "green" into thinking their product is safe, WHEN IT'S NOT.

The only way to protect yourself from greenwashing and toxins is to learn what chemicals to look out for on product labels.

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