Let's Get DIY-ing

Making your own DIY products is a great way to avoid toxins and save money

Did you know 72% of exposure to toxic chemicals occurs in the home?

Once you are aware of what toxins to avoid, you can reduce your families exposure, however not all ingredients are disclosed on labels, so there is always a level of uncertainty. Plus low tox products can be very costly and often hard to find.

When you make your own DIY products you know exactly what they contain and can relax knowing they are safe for your family to use.

Does the thought of DIY freak you out?

Are you worried you don't have time and it sounds all too complicated?

But we're here to show you

Many DIY recipes are quick and easy to make!

We have a collection of DIY recipes that you can use to replace some of the more essential products needed in the home.

Quick & Easy DIY Cleaning

DIY cleaning products really can be as effective as their store brought counterparts, minus the toxic chemicals!

Learn how to make DIY recipes you can use to replace some cleaning products you use every day that take only a few minutes to make.

Simple & Soothing DIY Body

It takes just 26 seconds for chemicals applied to your skin to enter your bloodstream. So it makes sense to ensure products that touch your skin contain as few toxins as possible.

Learn how simple is to make DIY recipes for body products you use every day.

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