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Getting started on your own lowtox journey can be very daunting.   With a seemingly countless  number of toxins being ingrained into almost every aspect of our lives there is so much to learn and implement many people feel completely overwhelmed, I know I did when I first started on my lowtox journey in 2015.

It’s not surprising many people have no idea where to start!!

Toxins are hidden in a lot of food, cleaning and personal care products in the average Australian home and affect our health in so many ways.  Messing with our hormones contributing to increased obesity and infertility, causing a multitude of diseases and illnesses, affecting our microbiota, mental health, and are likely involved in the sky rocketing instances of food allergies and ADD/ADHD in our children to name just a few.

The Best Way to Start is to Begin

Actually starting is quite often the hardest part for any new undertaking, at least it is for me.  We tend to procrastinate…….over think, research, learn, and think some more about things we want to do but taking that first step and actually taking action is another matter.  We put starting something, as if the intention alone is enough for us to get the benefits.  Sound familiar?  But nothing changes without action.  So what is the easiest way to start taking action to remove the nasties from your home?


The simplest way to start detoxing your home is to start replacing your old products as they run out with better choices – EASY AS THAT

It really can be as simple as making better choices when it’s time to replace a product that has run out.  Besides the simplicity and steady implementation process this method offers, another plus is you don’t waste the products you already.  Making the process much more budget friendly.  It also makes learning what toxins you need to avoid simpler, as you can just focus on the next product you need to buy.  Bite size chucks of information make the whole process more manageable and sooooo much less overwhelming.

How fast or slow you start making changes really doesn’t matter.  The important thing is that you have started taking action towards living a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.

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