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We hope you get a chance to try our DIY bath salts recipe! It has so many health benefits, and who doesn’t love taking time out to soak in a tub?!   It is also a great gift idea that can be put together quickly and cost next to nothing but allows you to customize it to the tastes of the recipient making it a heartfelt and thoughtful gift.


So why have we chosen these ingredients you might be wondering, well let me explain…

Epsom salts

Epsom salts flush the toxins from our bodies and improve the absorption of nutrients. As it’s made up of magnesium sulphate, it reduces muscle cramps and joint pain. The best part is it raises serotonin levels which are the warm fuzzies that help us relax!!

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is best known for its uses around the home, but what you might not be aware of is the health benefits you get from bathing in it. Bicarb helps neutralize acids and alkalines, meaning it assists in levelling the PH of our bodies. It also has many healing properties including relieving skin rashes caused by chronic skin conditions and even sunburn. One study even claims it assists in draining the lymphatic system of toxins and disease!


Course Sea Salt, in our case pink Himalayan salt, has 84 trace elements and minerals which have positive benefits to the skin and body. It is also known to have detoxifying properties and the ability to promote better skin hydration. It is re-energizing and also stimulates blood circulation and cell regeneration.

Essential oils

Essential oils, of course, make your bath smell yummy but they also have health and well-being properties. Depending on which oils you choose to use of course. Lavender would be a great addition if a relaxing bath is what you are chasing, or even just your favourite smell to make you smell yummy.

So whether it’s just for better general health and relaxation or specific ailments, jump in a salt bath every time you get the chance! But remember to get the maximum benefits from these ingredients its best to soak for 40mins!! The first 20 minutes your body is getting rid of the toxins and the next 20 is when the replenishing and absorption happens.



Simple Bath Salts

Yield: 600g



    1. Mix together the salts in a metal or glass mixing bowl.
    2. Add sodium bicarbonate and stir to combine.
    3. Add your chosen essential oil to desired strength, and mix together thoroughly.
    4. Store in an airtight glass jar


  • You can juj up your bath salts by adding dried botanicals, bio glitter or whatever takes you fancy as long as they are safe in the bathwater.

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